Preventative Maintenance HVAC Services

Tailored to Your Needs 


Preventative Maintenance

Henick-Lane provides custom HVAC preventative maintenance service for illustrious
clientele within many of New York City’s prestigious buildings and institutions. Our goal is to ensure efficient and continued operations of all your HVAC systems, so that you can receive the maximum life of your equipment. This in turn will keep operating costs at a minimum, and avoid costly emergency breakdowns. 

Preventative Maintenance starts with a thorough inspection using a systematic   method of factory-prescribed checks of the operating system, safety, controls, refrigeration system, and accessories to provide a condition report for each piece of equipment. This information pro-vides the basis for informed decisions on repair work and maintenance required to ensure equipment is safe and operating at peak efficiency.

Annual Service Contracts

Whether you’re considering an Annual Service Contract for the first time, or you’re in the market for a new provider, we’ll make it easy to understand your options and get the right contract for your needs. All contracts are tailored to meet the needs of our commercial cli-ents. Prior to summer and winter, we perform equipment changeovers to ensure that you HVAC equipment is ready to handle the upcoming change in weather. At that time, a thor-ough performance evaluation of the heating or cooling section is completed to determine the integrity of the equipment. Our technicians use a detailed customized checklist for each piece of equipment, as prescribed by the manufacturer. Based on the results of their evaluations, a report is developed and sent to the client detailing any needed repairs, upgrades , or addi-tional maintenance that is needed to ensure optimal working condition. 

Keep in mind, any service contract is only as sound as the company that stands behind it.