For 53 years, and through two generations Henick-Lane has been the source clients have relied on for servicing all their Heating and Air Conditioning needs.  

Henick-Lane is comprised of two companies, that work in tandem to meet the demands of their clients. Henick-Lane Mechanical installs   major commercial climate control systems and Henick-Lane Service provides maintenance and emergency repair services. 

Both Henick-Lane companies are committed to providing the highest level of service avail-able in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. Our company was founded on the prin-cipal of being “customer centric”, that is focused on the needs of the customers. Through-out the years we have upheld the philosophy to earn and build strong relationships with our clients, treating each client as a member of the Henick-Lane, Inc. family. 
With our fleet of well stocked service vehicles operating throughout the New York Tri-State Area, Henick-Lane has economically and safely  serviced and maintained the Heat-ing and Air Conditioning equipment of literally thousands of customers.